“I started a new full time job after spending the Junior Infants school year at home with my daughter. She started Kidsclub afterschool care in September 2016. She is really happy in Kidsclub. They go out to the park every afternoon unless it is raining badly, along with doing lots of arts and crafts and other fun activities. She is really content spending time with her friends in kidsclub. Leanne and her staff are superfriendly.”

“Everybody is very flexible. The extra offer of the breakfast club option is a big help in weeks where the mornings are busy and we can't bring her to school. 100% happy with Kidsclub and recommend to everybody. It has made my transition from being an at home mum back to working mum very easy and I am thankful for that. It is in a very convenient location only 3 minutes walk from our house in Bayside.”

Wibke Daubner

“Kids Klubs is the perfect option for our family. The kids (ages 5 & 6) are picked up from school, have fun, get exercise and enjoy their time until we pick them up... it allows us to juggle family and work with the peace of mind that they are safe and happy.”

Catriona Bradley

“I have two girls, 5 & 10 attending Kids Klubs since July 2016 for breakfast and afterschool care. Given the location to Bayside school and the number of children who attend both, it was an easy decision for me as to where to send my girls. Since being in Kids Klubs they have made lots of friends many of whom are in their class in school, which makes dropping off in the morning so easy!”

Hilary Delany

"My girl is in pre-school group full day, since our first visit we knew that she would love Kids Klubs:"

  • They go outside every day, sometimes even twice per day
  • The staff are very friendly and all have high qualifications
  • They have great facilities
  • In each daily activities they learn something more (in her previous creche quiet often they were watching TV or the staff were doing here hair or nails, not sure what you can learn with this, except sit still)

"Thank you so much for taking care of my daughter, each morning she happily goes to creche : )"

Irma Zilyte

“The staff at Kids Klubs Bayside are warm, fun and put so much effort into doing creative activities with the children. My son gets to play outside and go on walks or to the park each day and he loves it.”


"Our son attends Kids Klub in Bayside and we couldn’t be happier with the daily enrichment he receives from the caring and passionate staff there. He is a full-time student, and every day he is eager and excited to head into his class in the Shark room, every day he is happy and fulfilled when I pick him up in the evening."

"Our son struggled at first to adapt to his new surroundings in school, which is a huge adjustment. It took time for him to get comfortable with being around his peers constantly. He had difficulty with social skills and understanding how to interact with other people in a productive and mutually beneficial manner. The Kids Klub staff worked with us and helped us devise strategies to address his behavioural issues, and we learned so much about how to handle the challenging behaviours that are quite common for toddlers."

"Since we adapted their suggested practices, our son is simply a different kid. His demeanour is notably more calm, he is far more comfortable and competent in his social engagements, and he has even become a role model for his younger brother by helping him to establish positive behavioural habits."

"We get regular updates from the school about our son’s progress and about the various activities the students are engaged in on a daily basis. The staff there take so much time to ensure that everything is going along smoothly, that everyone gets a chance to grow and develop. Our son has become fascinated with tactile games and activities, and his appetite for learning and engagement has been fuelled by what he does at the school on a daily basis."

"It’s not easy to be away from your kids, but I am thankful that we leave our son in the capable hands of the Kids Klub crew."

Simon & Candice Behan

"I just want to let you know how grateful I am to Kids Klub. I was so impressed with how the curriculum is very carefully considered and varies week to week. My three children have attended Montessori at Kids Klub, each have had their very different individual needs taken into consideration and met beyond all expectation. I appreciate how you kept us informed about the goals and plans for the boys at every stage."

"I love the enthusiastic and dedicated teachers at Kids Klub and looked forward to having a quick peek through the blinds to see the boys so happy in their classrooms with Aisling, Claire, Clodagh and co. It speaks volumes to the kind of training and professionalism that you ensure your staff receives that I see the same smiling faces there year after year."

"I am so grateful that you were also, more recently, able to temporarily accommodate the boys in afterschool and summer camp at short notice. They have all asked me if they can come back for Camp when you move into your new premises."

Emma Ryan - Mum to Naoise age 8, Brendan age 6 & Daithi age 4

"Our daughter started with kids klub aged 3, part time. Today, 3 years later, she still attends the breakfast club and after school club. Kids klub works so well for us as it is conveniently located adjacent to Our Lady of Consolation primary school which makes the pick up and drop off service very easy and safe. The staff are very professional and our daughter is always very happy! She absolutely loves going there and even though she only attends a few hours per day she still comes home with lots of artwork and stories of all the fun and games."

Fiona & Kieran

"I would highly recommend kids klub. Both my children have attended play/preschool there and both loved it. My daughter who is 3 started last sept and loves it. Particularly all the songs. The monthly program is so helpful so you know what your child is learning each week."



At Kids Klubs we offer an enjoyable place where your child will discover their own potential. We provide the following Services:

  • Breakfast Club
  • Montessori
  • Afterschool Club
  • Creche
  • Holiday Camps
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